Saturday, December 11, 2010

Maybelline Mineral Concealer, How Well Do You Conceal?

Hii :) im not sure if you heard, but a while ago, calgary was said to be the second coldest place in the world! aaannd guess where lucky little me lives.. CALGARY! :( i think we hit a low of -33... and thats not even considering wind chill... scary right? haha good thing the weathers starting to get better recently :)

anyways, to get to the point, this cold cold weather makes my skin super dry! as a result, i can no longer depend on my time balm concealer because i find that it is too heavy and starts to cake a little.. which is sad because it normally doesnt happen :( so.. i went off to search for another concealer and ended up getting Maybelline's Mineral Power Concealer in Cream :)

im actually really liking the wand packaging :) more hygienic and easier to apply!

micro-minerals, pure ingredients, naturally luminous finish = count me in!

doe foot applicator = amazing!

First off, lets talk packaging!
most concealers i've used in the past, were in pan form where you had to dig your little fingers in to get the product out. Now when i first tried out the doe applicator, i was amazed! it easily allows you to dot the concealer onto your skin keeping everything nice and clean :)

Also, if you're not familiar with the different types of concealers, i did a little research and it turns out...

you want to try to stick with concealers in wands or tubes for concealing under-eye circles because they tend to be a lighter consistency meaning there are less chances for creasing.

on the other hand, you want a heavier, creamier concealer for covering up any red spots or blemishes and those usually tend to be the ones in pots.

heres a quick swatch of Cream, i didnt blend in fully in so you could see the consistency

now... time for some shots to see if this concealer works or not!

please note: i am  wearing a very sheer coat of foundation but i tried not to apply any to my under-eye areas. all pictures were taken in natural lighting with no flash.

oh.. please ignore the dry areas around my nose. i have been using my clarisonic for a tad too long on my nose and as a result, i think i over-exfoiliated it :( boo.. now i know better lol

nothing applied... i have pretty bad circles :( they're MUCH worse when i smile haha

dotted with doe applicator

blended with fourth finger.. you can still see the area slightly, but i feel that my eyes look more awake :)
just wait.. it gets better lol

take a look at these! (remember, this was just one coat!)

 my right eye is NOT concealed (left side in pic)
and my left eye is concealed (right side in picture)
im sorry haha its a tad confusing but i think you can see the difference right? :)

again, left side (right eye) is not concealed, but the right side is
... i know, my eyes are slightly crossed hahaha

i tested it out for the past few days, and found no major signs of creasing. it stayed on most of the day but do note that i apply the tiniest bit on powder on top to keep it last longer. overall, i'm pretty happy with this! with the dry weather, this concealer is definitely the better choice for my under-eye circles because its not as thick and heavy. plus, if you need a bit more coverage, its buildable! so you can add on another two or three dots and blend awayy! :)

- lightweight formula
- doe foot applicator
- relatively inexpensive (around $6-7 CAD)
- can be layered for more coverage
- hygienic and easy application
- no major signs of creasing

- not very many shades available..
- medium coverage, might not cover circles completely
- doesnt last ALL day (but it does pretty good for average length days)

If you have major dark circles, you might need something stronger than this.. but otherwise, i think this concealer's great! especially since it is relatively inexpensive :D haha does a great job of covering without any creasing or caking.. loving it so far!

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