Saturday, October 16, 2010

Annabelle "Hype it Up" Contest Winnings!

A little while ago, Annabelle Cosmetics held a "Hype it Up" Contest in which you had to message them on twitter with the answer to a specific question during a certain time. Luckily for me, i was one of the first ones to answer correctly and therefore was one of the winners!

I was extremely happy as i fell in LOVE with Annabelle's products after trying them out for the first time (especially their smudgeliners!) Unfortuantely, they are only available in Canada atm. However, i thought i would still review them as a portion of my followers are Canadian (plus, i like to included Annabelle products in my giveaways so everyone can get a chance to try their products out!) :) Here are the products i won!

all products packaged nicely and arrived safe in a huge bubble wrap package!

look at these lipglosses!! omgg.. i never knew they looked so good until i got these :D super excited to test them out!

yayy! more of my favourite smudgeliners!! <3 <3 plus, a liquid eyeliner!!

4 gorgeous shades of eyeshadow
left to right, clockwise - Fantasy, Ultraviolet, Rainforest, Lagoon

and finally, my own custom quad magnetic compact! I have been previously using my cheap ELF ones, but this compact is much sleeker and sturdier. Plus, its magnetic so i dont have to add my own magnets onto the pan! yay :D

i will be doing full reviews and swatches on all of these products over the next period of time. As i still have quite a bit of ELF products to review, i may be alternating between the two brands and other various posts. I have a lot of posts to catch up on so please bear with me! :D if theres anything you want to see reviewed first, leave me a comment or message me :)

for more information about the above products, you can visit Annabelle's website, or follow them on twitter for chances to win great products like i did!
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