Monday, October 18, 2010

ELF Shimmer Eyeliner Pencils

You've already seen the swatches, but what about the quality of the product itself? Todays post is going to be a full review on the ELF Shimmer Eyeliner Pencils as well as some more pictures including some of how they look when applied :)

Grassy Green, Twinkle Teal, Plum Passion, Boldly Bronze, Gunmetal, Iconic Ivory

Grassy Green, Twinkle Teal, Plum Passion, Boldly Bronze, Gunmetal, Iconic Ivory

here are the swatches that i posted a few days ago..

with flash

without flash, natural lighting

and here are some pictures of how they look applied!

boldly bronze (sorry this one got a bit washed out! its a darker bronze in reality)

gunmetal on outer top, twinkle teal on lower, iconic ivory in inner corner

grassy green

plum passion

twinkle teal and iconic ivory in inner corner

packaging overview - 4/5
these are smaller than your average eyeliners measuring about 11cm without the lid and 13cm with the lid. however, considering they are $1 each, they are well worth the price! I do like how ELF added the sharpener on the lid because it allows for easy touchups wherever i may be. Even if im in a hurry and packaging some light makeup to go, i can easily throw this in my bag and worry about if its sharpened or dull later. However, the only thing i was a bit shaky on, is that the lid can be a bit loose on some of the eyeliners, which may cause it to come off in your purse and damage the pencil and/or other stuff in your purse.

they each come with a handy sharpener attached onto the lid. great for travelling or keeping in your purse for quick touchups!

product overview - 4/5
these eyeliners may be smaller than you expect, but they pack in quite a lot of pigmentation! (with the exception of iconic ivory which i thought had less pigmentation due to the shimmer it had) Also, these eyeliners were definately super creamy and applied so well! i had no issues with tugging whatsoever and barely had to hold my eyelid taunt in order to apply it!

Now with this buttery formula, some people with oilier lids may have issues with creasing or smudging. Overall, i found that there was little to no creasing (for me) and that the lasting power was quite decent. I applied these in the morning with no primer or eyeshadow to set and they lasted me well until probably sometime after dinner time where i did find slight smudging. In this case, i would recommend that you prime your eye with either a primer, or even just your concealer as it will help the eyeliner last much longer. Also, if you really want this liner to stay (as with all other liners) you can set it with an eyeshadow in a similar shade.

Tip: if you dont use a primer on an everyday basis, try patting some concealer on your eyelids before you apply the eyeliner. that way, you dont need to go out and buy a primer and you can help extend the lasting power of the eyeliner! simple and easy :) make use of what you have already!

Overall - 4/5
i am enjoying these eyeliners and find them a gift from heaven especially on days when im in a hurry and want my eyeliner on my eye in less than a minute! with these liners, you can easily line your eyes with no tugging whatsoever and expect it to last you at least up till dinner time. Also, i love how there are just so many colors available and all for $1! these are going to replace my other colored eyeliners because i dont wear a pop of color everyday so id much rather spend $1 instead of $10-15.

so tell me, have you tried these before? if so, what did you think? if not, which ones caught your eye? :D

oh, and dont forget! i have two of these eyeliners up for grabs in my giveaway! plus, there will be THREE different prizes going to THREE different winners so dont forget to enter! :D
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