Sunday, October 31, 2010

Annabelle Volumelip Plumps Like No Tomorrow!

These are the Annabelle Volumelip plumping lipglosses i received from winning their "hype it up" contest. I have never tried these prior to now but am pleasantly surprised! These glosses definately plump my lips and the packaging looks absolutely gorgeous!

left to right
cherryoke, metro mango, vivid volume, sweet tweets, iced sugar

packaging: 3.5/5
I lovee the sleek look and feel of this packaging! the rubbery plastic and the overall look of this lipgloss definately feels very high quality! However, there are a few slight problems that i had with the packaging. firstly, the names of the lipglosses are printed above the barcode on a sticker. In order to use your lipgloss, you must peel back the sticker (as shown below) and are therefore left with no name on the lipgloss itself. There is however, the number corresponding to the color of the lipgloss but that usually doesnt help unless you can memorize which lipgloss is what number.

also, i did find the rubbery plastic to be quite hard and therefore, created some problems when squeezing the product out. I found it was harder to get the product out than other products since you did have to squeeze with more pressure than normal. Also, it can create sort of a 'suction' on your lips if you ever let go of your grip while applying the product onto your lip. This was kind of a weird feeling haha but overall, even though i liked the overall look and feel, i just felt it was slightly harder to apply than most other lipglosses.

clear tube , nice but could be hard to squeeze

one thing i didnt like, the names were on the sticker...

which peeled right off!

Product quality - 4.5/5
These glosses do exactly what they intend to do, PLUMP! the formula is of good consistency, not sticky and overall, fairly smooth. However, one thing that i didnt expect was the pigmentation. In the tubes (especially cherryoke, metro mango and vivid volume) these looked INTENSE! i was expecting bright colors that i probably wouldnt be able to pull off but these are actually very sheer. If you apply a light layer, you get a slight tint of color on your lips. Even building up a few layers, i find that the pigmentation is not super intense.  However, this is actually better for me as i like a sheerer color for everyday use. Also, if i wanted more color, i would layer it over a lipstick. But that is just my personal choice :) so please keep that in mind when looking at my rating. These are sheer! if you're looking for pigmentation, you should pass on these.

cherryoke, metro mango, vivid volume, sweet tweets, iced sugar

cherryoke, metro mango, vivid volume, sweet tweets, iced sugar

close up picture - look at the shimmer in the last two!
cherryoke, metro mango, vivid volume, sweet tweets, iced sugar

Anyways, i hoped the swatches and review helped! I will try to post on what these look like when applied as soon as i get some time to swatch them on my lips :) lip swatches are always harder for me to do because i hate swatching them all at once. I find that in between all the wiping and reapplying, my lips get so dry and red so that the next swatch is not as accurate. so..

have you tried these before? if not, are you interested in trying them? :)

Disclaimer: i did receive these products from winning Annabelle's "Hype it up contest" and therefore, did not purchase them with my own money. However, i was not paid or hinted in any way to review these products so the above review is my complete and own personal opinion about the products mentioned.
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