Thursday, October 7, 2010

Quick Post - Jewelry Mixing

To celebrate my grandparent's 50th anniversary (WOW), i have a whole bunch of family that came in tofor a little reunion! They will be here for two weeks or so, and even though this means tons of fun and lots of quality family time spent, it also unfortuantely means that i will have less time on the computer to blog. I will do my best to still try to post every couple days or so, but it will be nearly impossible for me to post daily or anything like that so please bear with me!

anyways, since i have a little bit of time before heading to bed, i thought i'd share with you my new found love: mixing jewelry / accessories! I used to just keep it simple and wear one bracelet at a time.. but i have recently found out that when you mix a whole bunch of different textures and colors, you can get a really gorgeous and easy look! Plus, you can mix and match between a few different pairings and end up with so many different possibilities! Not only are you saving money, but you can also mix and match to suit what you're wearing or how you're feeling that dayy :D

This is what i mixed up for today!

silver thick bracelet - H&M
white pearl bracelet - H&M
black mini pearl bracelet - H&M
thin braided bracelets - H&M
tiffany & co bracelet

So if you're looking for simple accessories that can be multi-functional, i would recommend heading to your local forever 21 or H&M (or any other similar stores) and picking up some of their bracelet sets. I think most are around $5-10 and usually come with 5-8 different bracelets. These are perfect because you could wear all of them at once, wear only one, or mix and match a few! Theres just so many choices and if you get more than one set, you have more to play with! :D Have fun and be as creative as you want! Mix colors, textures, size.. whatever comes to your mind :D
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