Sunday, October 3, 2010

Its "Tea Time" with L.A. Colors!

So if you've seen my Giveaway post, you'll notice a bright colored eyeshadow palette from L.A. Colors! Of course, some of you might have heard about it, some might not.. well, today's post will let you in on a new goodie of mine! :D Read on and find out!

Since the bright colored palette (Tease) is up for grabs in the giveaway, i will have to review and swatch the other palette i purchased, in Tea Time. First off, I have only tried out L.A. Colors' nail polish line.. and seriously, i LOVE them! (i recently found that stitches and urban planets etc sell L.A. Color nail polishes for $2! or even cheaper if you get more so i've hauled quite a few which i need to get around swatching for you guys!) Anyways, so i spotted these palettes at my local Zellers and i belive they were $2.99 CAD, which is a STEAL if these turned out well!

L.A. Colors - 5 color metallic eyeshadow palette in Tea Time

when closed, it's quite a sleek palette! perfect to carry in your purse :)

First up on the review - Packaging
I actually quite like the packaging of this.. simple and effective. The casing, although plastic, does its job well with a see-through cover that allows you to see what colors are in the palette. (Plus, even though the company's name is labelled on the front, they were smart to not have it cover the shadows!) Also, the latch shuts tight (almost TOO tight sometimes) so you can be sure that the palette wont open up while travelling. Overall, basic plastic packaging, but i would say that it is very sturdy and compact.

oh, i also forgot to mention, there is a double sided sponge applicator included inside the palette. Please dont ever underestimate the power of sponge tip applicators! Now i know there are some that really do need to end up in the garbage, but some of them are actually very good at patting on shadows and are the perfect tools to keep on you for touch ups! This one especially is a keeper! Not only is it double ended, but it is also much longer than any i've seen! This is a huge bonus as it makes it much easier to use :D

and finally, the swatches you've all been waiting for!

hmmm. can you see the discoloration of the palette in the background? you definately lose that pretty shine after you swatch it... but i guess that just means it doesnt LOOK as good, the eyeshadow underneath is indeed still shimmery.

Product quality -
I was pleasantly surprised with this! To be honest, i wasnt expecting too much at first.. i mean, it was only $3 and when i first swatched it, you can see the discoloration on the actual eyeshadow itself. (refer to picture above) Of course, this didnt really change the actual color of the eyeshadow, but it just made the palette look less appealing than when i first bought it.

However, once i started swatching these, i was really impressed! The shadows were buttery and smooth, with only a slight bit of chalkiness with the lighter shimmery shades. These blended like a dream as well and with a primer, i can see these shadows lasting all day longg. As a bonus, i am really loving these shades! I am SO a neutral eyeshadow kinda girl, so any palette filled with browns, taupes and golds are my weakness. I especially am loving the taupe color in this palette! It doesnt seem as dark and pigmented as the others, but it is a great soft warm color that would look lovely :D

Overall, i am very happy i decided to test this out! I sure do hope that whoever wins the palette in Tease will enjoy it as much as i liked this one! Those colors will definately be fun to play with! :D

So tell me, have you seen these palettes before? tried them? or want to? let me know what you're thinking! :D and dont forget to join my giveaway! there will be THREE winners and one of the prize packages include a L.A. Color palette in Tease! :) Good luck!

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