Tuesday, October 5, 2010

BzzAgent - Burt's Bees Anti-Blemish Solutions!

I recently joined a lovely community called BzzAgent, and after posting a few reviews and reading a couple of other people's reviews.. i got picked to join a campaign for Burt's Bees Natural Anti-Blemish Solutions! Naturally, i was soo excited and soo happy that i get to test out something from this line! Because school just started and i had been spending countless nights staying up late to catch up on readings, my skins been having slight breakouts in random spots... so i am really hoping this stuff will work!!

To be honest, i have only ever tried one Burt's Bees product.. and that was their pomegrante lip balm which i did quite like! I have heard a lot of good things about this brand, mainly because it is natural, but i will spend the next week or two testing out the products i received and then post a full review on if it worked for me or not :) Today's post will just be some information on the products i got.

What I received:
1. the Burt's Bees Nautral Anti-Blemish Solutions BzzGuide
2. one full-size of the Purifying Gel Cleanser
3. one full-size Targeted SPot Treatment
4. a stack of Coupons to share
(save $10 with a purchase of $14.97 or more on participating products)

Close up of the Daily Cleanser and the Spot Treatment

Coupons!! Im not sure if i can send these over the internet or not... but if anyone really really wants a coupon, i could probably mail it over (depending on where you live and how much it would cost!), just send me an email! I was also thinking of throwing a coupon into each of the prize packages as part of my giveaway since these dont expire till dec 31 anyways :)

anyways, here are some facts to get both you and me started! :D (click to enlarge)

Sounds good so farr :D

and here are the 4 products offered in this line.. i have the gel cleanser and the spot treatment, but the scrub sure sounds interesting! (click to enlarge!)

and thats it for now! Im going to be using and testing these two products for the next week or so.. i'll try to keep you guys updated with weekly posts (if school allows me!) but i will for sure post a full review after i feel like i've tested it for long enough :) .. im actually pretty excited to test them out.. i really hope they work!!

So tell me, have you heard of this line before? tried it? if so, please tell me how it went! :D
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