Friday, October 1, 2010

Giveaway Update! a THIRD Winner Will be Picked!

Hi everyone! I have some pretty important news to tell you all.. For the past few days, i've been receiving a couple emails regarding the giveaway. It seems as if intensedebate has been failing me and some people have not been able to post their entry!

If you were/are unable to post your entry, please copy and paste your entry into this form here under the "message" box, fill out the require information and it will directly send your entry straight to my email. (i will also be posting this message directly on the giveaway page)

I am SOO sorry for all this inconvience and in order to thank the girls who have contacted me and to truly say sorry to you all, (and to celebrate reaching 200 followers! YAY) i have decided to add a THIRD WINNER into this giveaway!

So whats going to happen, is that after the first two winners have been picked and both prize A and B have been chosen, I will use all entries for a third time to pick a third winner! So as long as you've already entered, you will have the same chance of being picked for the third prize! Here's what the third winner will get

♥ Wet N Wild Creme Eyeliner in Eggplant ♥
♥ ELF Mineral Eyeshadow in Earthy♥
♥ Annabelle Mineral Bronzer in Terra♥
♥ My Beauty Diary Mask in Red Wine♥

Close ups

Close ups

I am really sorry to all those who have tried to enter into the giveaway within these past few days but coudnt becaus of the commenting system. I hope this wont be too much extra work for you! Thank you all for supporting my little blog and i would like to especially thank those girls who have contacted me about this problem. Without you girls, i wouldve never noticed this problem! So thank you so much! and for all my followers, please dont be afraid to use the "contact me" form! If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, just send me an email and i will try to work things out for you! :D

I wish you all the best of the luck in the giveaway!
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