Tuesday, July 20, 2010

False Lashes & Nail Rhinestones - Ebay

Hi everyone! Todays post is going to talk about my recent ebay purchases! I received them in the mail probably a week or so ago, but havent gotten around to posting about them till now :p what i purchased were 60 False Lashes (6 different styles, 10 each) + Glue, and 2400 Nail Rhinestones + Glue. These were extremely cheap (60 lashes + glue for $8.95 CAD and nail rhinestones + glue for $2.15; both including shipping) and pretty good quality!

All the lashes :)

These are the lashes taken directly out of the packaging. I have seen past youtubers/bloggers complain that their eyelashes were all out of place and the boxes were squished causing the lashes to be deformed. However, i think i got lucky. As you can see, only the first box had a few lashes slightly bent, but nothing that isnt fixable with a few bends. Below are the different styles of lashes that came in the set.

these are more dramatic and thicker
Left to right - click on each to enlarge
No 010, 007, 006

these are thinner and more natural looking
Left to Right - click on each to enlarge
No 001, 003, 004

Close ups of each:
click to enlarge

I also purchased the set of 2400 nail rhinestones + glue. these are amazing! i loveeee them! hehe they are perfect for adding onto your nail art and look absolutely gorgeous :)

Nail rhinestones + Glue

Look at all the colors!

From my white flowers on blue NOTD
just showing the size of the rhinestones.. smaller than i thought but love them!

Overall Verdict:
False Lashes - A these are of good quality and are actually quite soft. They come packaged decently (although boxes may get squished in transit) and have two small lines on either side to keep them in place. There are quite a variety of styles (ranging from natural to dramatic) and these 60 pairs will last me FOREVER. The only slight problem i had.. (which is pretty much JUST ME) was that since im kind of new to false lashes, these do seem to lean on the dramatic side. Even the natural ones are quite long so it is quite noticeable. If you are new to false lashes and arent looking for the dramatic ones, i recommend you choose either the 40 set of lashes or the single sets with just the natural lashses. Overall, good quality, VERY cheap, would recommend :)

Rhinestones - A+ these are amazing. although a tad smaller than i thought, these are really pretty and are simple to use. they add detail to your nails and actually stay on for a long time. As you might remember, i used the purple rhinestones in my white flowers on blue NOTD. Even though my other nails had started chipping off, my thumbs were perfectly intact until i removed them with nail polish remover. You can use these either with the glue that it comes with, or i think even layered between clear nail polish. Whichever you choose, if you're into nail art etc, then i highly recommend these!

Overall Pricing:
60 Lashes + Glue - $8.95 CAD
Nail Rhinestones + Glue - $2.15
Refund of 5% - $0.56                  
Total - 10.54 for both items

Seller information:
I purchased these off ebay from a nice seller eshop0909. they are very nice and willing to help out whenever needed. Im the type of buyer who always emails about questions etc and eshop0909 answered all my questions nicely and usually emailed me back the next day. I also received 5% refund for purchasing more than one item. (although i cannot guarantee this for any purchases in the future) Shipping however, took about 2-3 weeks so if you need these for a certain event, you should plan ahead. Of course, shipping varies with different locations, 2-3 weeks is the time for the package to arrive in Calgary, Canada.

Please note, i do not know this seller in any other way other than through my purchase off ebay. I am not promoting this seller in any way, but am instead sharing with you, the seller with which i purchased through. there are lots of other similar items on ebay and you can choose whichever you like. I chose to purchase from eshop0909 because they had both the lashes i wanted PLUS the rhinestones. However, if you do have interest in this seller, i would recommend since my items came safely and were of good quality.

Have you tried out similar lashes/rhinestones? or are there other brands that you would recommend? i am really getting into nail art so any stickers/rhinestones etc info would be really nice! :D
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