Saturday, July 24, 2010

Wet n Wild Lippie Swatches - Part 2

So to continue on from last times post (click here if you havent seen the first post)... here are the two Wet n Wild lippies that i purchased from their original Silk Finish collection.

(refer to last two lippies)
553B Taj Mauve-hal, 510A Light Berry Frost

(refer to last two lippies)
553B Taj Mauve-hal, 510A Light Berry Frost

(refer to the first two swatches on bottom row)
553B Taj Mauve-hal, 510A Light Berry Frost

(refer to the first two swatches on bottom row)
553B Taj Mauve-hal, 510A Light Berry Frost

Taj Mauve-hal - 553B
Frosty Magenta Pink
This is a gorgeous magenta pink. Its quite vibrant but since it has a slight shimmer, it does not apply quite as pigmented as the mega last lip colors. However, the color does show up well and i do like this formula better as it is more creamy and smooth hence the name "silk finish". I'd say that this is more of a magenta than mauve although it does has some purple undertones making it a deeper shade than i thought. However, it is a lovely color :)

Light Berry Frost - 510A
Frosty Peachy Red with Coral undertones
This is a nice reddish coral lippie. The formula of these lippies give a shine which makes this particular shade look kind of coppery with flash. the copper reminded me of NYX watermelon but after comparison, this shade is darker and also less shimmery.

Overall Verdict:
This line of lippies has a great formula. It is very creamy, applies amazingly and has good pigmentation. The only thing i would complain about is that there is limited shades. Most of the lippies available at my drugstore tend to be darker shades. I would recommend these though, because they are such a good deal for the price paid ($1.99 CAD). Another problem, as with the other wnw lippies, are that the shade names only appear as numbers on the packaging and the lippie doesnt swirl all the way back.. which could be both good or bad depending on what you think. good in that you can see the color, bad in that you might take a chunk out of it when you take the lid off.. so you have to be careful! Overall, great formula, highly recommend if you find a shade you like!

Compared to Mega Last Lip Color:
If you have dry lips, stick to the silk finish lippies as they apply much more creamier. if not, check out the mega last lippies! Both have great pigmentation but the Mega last are matte shades while the silk finishes have a shine in them. Packaging wise, i'd go for the Mega last as it looks much higher quality. I also like the smaller width of the lippie as it makes it easier to apply. I also find that the Mega last seems to have a better variety of choices when it comes to shades and color. They have a wide range from light pinks to deep reds. With the silk finish, because of the shine, they tend to be more sheer so all the colors seem to be quite similar. Overall, it really depends on what you're looking for. Silk finish for hydrating, glossy lips and Mega last for matte, highly pigmented lips.

Have you tried these before? let me know what shades you got! i would love to test out some other shades :)

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