Tuesday, July 6, 2010

My First Award !! :)

Thank you to Bailey at "I Know All The Words" for awarding me with my first blog award! Definately recommend you girls to check her out, she is super sweet :) Anyways, for this award, i must pass this on to 12 lovely bloggers. There's so many good bloggers that have really good blogs that its hard for me to just choose 12, but rules and rules so here is my list:

1. Lindsay at Pretty as Peaches
2. Michelle C at Cosmetic Cupcake
3. Rae at theNotice
4. Rena at Icyswirls
5. Jazz&Macksquared at Storyofmylifesquared
6. Nic Nic at Bang bang she shoots
7. Nancy at NNP
8. Katie at Thats all yeah
9. Kaitlyn at Kmaness930
11. Robyn at Stay beautiful
12. Tiffany at Will work for makeup

There were many more amazing bloggers that i wanted to pass this award onto because they truly deserve it, but i am sure someone else will :) Thanks again Bailey! I will be leaving messages for the above bloggers as soon as possible :) have a good day everyone! 

BTW: I've been hearing rumors about how blogger has been having problems with comments, so if you commented but your comment is not showing, dont worry :) it will be fixed soon!
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