Thursday, July 8, 2010

MISSKC027 contest for July - Contest Entry

Hi everyone :) Kim over at Dance as if No One's Watching is having an amazing giveaway! You should all definately check her out cause she is an amazing blogger :) Below is just my contest entry so you can ignore it if you want haha :)

-just a pretty picture i took from google-

1. What is makeup to you?
Makeup to me is a form of expressing my feelings and creativity. Although i am not very artistic or skilled in any way regarding makeup, (even though i truely wish i was) i think the idea of makeup helps me satisfy my need of being more artistic. I sometimes see putting on foundation or eyeshadows as painting a picture.. (i swear im not crazy) or something in which there is no limits as to what i want to do. My face is my blank canvas and i have all the tools i need to just create whatever i want.. and that gets me feeling all excited inside :) hehe

Of course, during school days, i have limited time to put on makeup so it's usually just to cover up my "i-pulled-another-all-nighter" look. However, i think makeup is very important to any girl as it is simply an amazing confidence booster. Any time i feel as if i spent more than 5 min on my face, i feel like a different person. I feel more beautiful, more awake, and as a result, i become much more confident as a person. This, i feel, is what truely defines makeup for me.

2. What is your makeup routine?
My makeup routine is pretty much the same everyday, with slightly varying details depending on how i am spending my day. I'll break it down into 3 categories: minimal, normal, night-out

Minimal: On days where i stay at home studying or cleaning my room etc, i usually dont wear any makeup at all. However, if i need to go out for a quick stop out to get something or even on days when i am at my boyfriends house and we're just chilling at home alone, then i go with minimal makeup. This is just when i wear some tinted moisturizer (or mineral foundation), some concealer, eyeliner and curl my lashes.

Normal: My normal routine consists of tinted moisturizer (or mineral foundation), concealer, & pressed powder for face. Neutral eyeshadows (1-2 shades), eyeliner, & mascara for eyes. (i also use brown eyeshadow to fill in my brows). A blush to brighten up my face and a soft pink or mauve (read: NYX thalia) for lippie (or lip balm if i dont wear lipstick)

Night-out: Either tinted moisturizer or liquid foundation, concealer & pressed powder for face. Darker eyeshadows (sometimes pigments depending on color), eyeliner, mascara (double coat) for eyes. Highlighter and blush to brighten up face and a brighter lippie such as NYX fig plus some gloss on top for lips.

haha im sorry Kim for making you read so much!! I guess i got a bit carried away with your questions.. i never really thought about this kind of stuff till now. and now that i write it out, it kind of seems like i put alot on my face :( but the weirdest thing is, i dont spend that much time doing my makeup unless its for night outs hahaa. oh well, i want to thank you for letting me learn about myself more :) and of course for having such a wonderful giveaway! :D
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