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New Find: Sedona Lace + 88 Shimmer Palette

Before I start this review, i would like to introduce all of you to a wonderful company called Sedona Lace. I have just recently stumbled upon this company, became quite interested and decided to follow them on facebook & twitter. During my most intense week of finals, i got the biggest surprise ever! Turns out, i ended up winning an 88 Shimmer Palette from Sedona Lace!! I was beyond shock and was truly so happy :) That was the first time I had ever won something and I wouldnt forget it. (Actually, i was quite lucky that week as i also won a few other items from some lovely amazing bloggers! I will do separate posts on these generous bloggers when the time comes, i hope you will all visit them when i do!)

Anyways, back on track.. so i received this in the mail a few days ago and it looks amazing... 

Firstly, i really have to compliment Sedona Lace. They're packaging is absolutely amazing! I came home to this HUGE box and was not expecting it to be from Sedona Lace. (I thought it was my ELF haul at first because it was that big!) When i opened it up, i came face to face with the huge bubble wrap again!! (which i had previously seen during my coastal scents haul hehe) i LOVe this bubble wrap haha, not only does it keep your product completely safe, but its also really fun to play with :p

The package i came home to :D HUGE box + bubble wrap!

Not only was there tons of bubble wrap in the box, but Sedona Lace also took the time to bubble wrap inside! (pretty much everything was bubble wrapped! :D) After taking the palette out of the black box it came in, there were more bubble wrap and even some Saran-wrap on both sides of the palette keeping it 100% scratch free :) definately have to give Sedona Lace a HUGE two-thumbs up for their packaging!

Here are some pictures of the palette itself:

Of course, when i first saw these products, i thought about Coastal Scents right away. However, i think there are slight differences.. so heres a little comparison to my Coastal Scents palette. (88 Metal Mania)

Firstly, the packaging of the palette is slightly different. While Coastal Scents has their company name & the name of the palette on the front, Sedona Lace does not. Also, the coastal scents palette is a matte finish while the Sedona Lace has a glossy finish. At first, i thought Sedona Lace would be more prone to fingerprints, but actually.. they're both equally prone to fingerprints haha. Overall for outside packaging, i would say that i do personally like how coastal scents has the name of the palette on the front as it makes it much easier to reach for.

Sedona Lace on top & Coastal Scents on the bottom

However, once we open up the palettes.. i'd have to say i definately like Sedona Lace's packaging better. Theres not a huge difference, both have a wide mirror and two applicators. (Sedona Lace's applicator being slightly more pointy than coastal scents) I'd ask you to guess which is which but considering i dont have the same color palettes.. that's obviously not going to work :p

Sedona Lace on left & Coastal Scents on right

The biggest difference for me, is the arrangement of eyeshadows near the bottom center. You might not notice at first, but Coastal Scents actually squishes in about 4 eyeshadows so that they are much closer aligned in order to make room for the closing latch. However, Sedona Lace has changed up the packaging a bit therefore allowing all shadows to be perfectly aligned. Of course, you're not missing out on any product in either case, but in my personal opinion, i just think the Sedona Lace one looks better.. i like my stuff to be organized :)

Coastal Scents on left and Sedona Lace on right

 I didnt do full swatches of Sedona Lace just yet (as you might know from the past, i swatched all 88 colors from the Coastal Scents Metal Mania palette and that took me quite a while!) but i quickly scanned the two palettes and chose two colors that seemed quite similar. Swatching these, i found that they are both equally pigmented and both very soft. Andd.. you know how some eyeshadows just rub right off your hand after you swatch them? well these dont. i rubbed them a bit to see howd they do, and they faded a bit but still held their color. So overall, both companies have very good eyeshadows!

Sedona Lace on left, Coastal Scents on right

Overall Verdict: For outer packaging, i'd have to go with Coastal Scents as i do like how they have the palette names on the front. However, for inner packaging, i would 100% go with Sedona Lace as everything seems more spaced out and organized. As for the actual product itself, i think both companies are equally good in providing beautiful, pigmented eyeshadows. So really, it all comes down to the packaging and what you prefer. I am super super happy with this product. The colors are gorgeous and there are tons of prettty shimmery colors to play with!

Update: I used the palette this morning and am super impressed! I chose to use a lighter pink to highlight inside, a darker coraly pink in the middle and a grey on the outer corners to create more depth and a light smokey look. LOVED the result :) Will try to get pictures up for a separate post but i cant seem to find good lighting so the colors keep getting washed out... hmmm =/

About Sedona Lace: Sedona Lace is a Cosmetic company that was established in 2009, this young company is up growing and out competing with huge industries. (taken from their twitter/facebook bio). 

I would like to note that i am not being paid nor was i sponsored by Sedona Lace in any possible way. I won this palette from one of their many giveaways fair and square and this review is my personal and honest opinion of both the product & the company. However, if you are interested in Sedona Lace, you can find their website here. I also highly recommend that you either become a fan on facebook, or follow them on twitter because they host TONS of giveaways and there are good chances you can become a lucky winner like i did!

I hope you all enjoyed todays post! have you tried out Sedona Lace? or would like to? Let me know :) Also, let me know if you'd like me to swatch all 88 colors. if any of you are interested, i would be more than happy to swatch them, but i cant promise it'll be up just yet!

Update: I did get an email back from Sedona Lace's Promotions Manager saying:
"it's not the same manufacture- same idea tho lol" and "sorry for sending one without logo and ingredients and all that. This was probably a stash we had from our first huge shipment". So the future ones should contain logo and ingredients list :) hope this helps!

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