Monday, July 5, 2010

June Favourites ♥

Now that June is finally over (im a few days late), here are a list of my favourites during this month :) I dont have too much interesting makeup listed because its pretty much been a month filled with school and homework for me.. so i havent been doing much makeup-wise. But here goes :)

1. Green Nail Polish - Revlon's Minted and Sephora OPI's Read my Palm

I am really loving green nail polish atm. It gives a pop of colour to whatever outfit im wearing and is a really fun and gorgeous colour for spring/summer! These my top favourite greens. Minted is a light pastely green that reminds me of easter and Read my palm is a darker, slightly blue toned green. Both do not have shimmer but leaves a shiny coat. However, Minted's formula is a bit harder to work with given that it dries fast and can get a bit thick.

2. Annabelle Cosmetics - Smudgeliners
These have been my go-to liners this month. I love how once they go on in the monring, they stay on all the way till im ready to take it off with makeup remover. They come with a handy smudger on the other end which you can use to blend out harsh lines. I only have these liners in purple storm and wired right now, but im hoping i can catch them on sale again so i can get the blue or green ones! Link to review/swatches here.

3. Annabelle Cosmetics - Mineral Dust Pigment
(I previously swatched Azure in this post, but i purchased 2 other colours afterwards. I will post swatches soon!)
These are gorgeous pigments that pack in a TON of shimmer and colour. One little dip can give you bright vibrant color. They are packaged in an amazing container that has a small opening to prevent spillage. If you have a larger brush or need to pick up more pigment, just twist open the cap! Loving the design of this container :) Plus, these go for $9.99 CAD (sometimes you can find it 50% off!, so definately worth it) Dont forget, i have one up for grabs in my giveaway! If you havent joined already, click here!

4. Rimmel Natural Bronzer
I've had this bronzer for awhile, so its not a new purchase. but this is a really great matte bronzer. Because it has very subtle pigmentation, this is definately not for contouring. Instead, i use this as my all over face bronzer. The soft powder adds a slight tint to my skin making me look less pale. Plus, it has added natural minerals! The swatch below took me a few swipes to get that pigmentation. Although it applies fairly light, this is definately a product that you can build upon and layer if you want a deeper color while still looking very natural.

5. Wet n Wild ColorIcon Trio in Knock on Wood
This has pretty much been my go-to trio this month. Because i've been busy with school, staying up late etc. i really didnt have time to put on much makeup in the mornings. So i would simply grab this and use its pre-coordinated colors to great a soft neutral look. I found that this palette was extremely pigmented so i only needed a swipe or two to create a natural look. Anymore and i could create a darker night-time look. I am really impressed with Wet n Wild's palettes and i highly recommend anyone to try them out!

Honourable Mention: NYX
I really really wanted to include my NYX products in this month's favourites because i love love love them all! However, i did get them near the END of the month.. and havent really used them enough to put them on for this month.. therefore they will be for sure included in July's favourites. :) Hope you enjoyed this post!

What are your favourites this month?
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