Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Wet n Wild Lippie Swatches - Part 1

Morning :) its finally feeling like summer over here... maybe even a little TOO much like summer haha the heats getting to me! but anyways, here are the lippie swatches from my haul. Todays post will feature the Mega Last Lip Color - Wet N' Wild lippies (the three black ones below). Heres a re-cap of the pictures i posted last time so you can know what they look like :)

(refer to the first 3 lippies in black)
901B Think Pink, 902C Bare it all, 903C Just Peachy

(refer to the first 3 lippies in black)
901B Think Pink, 902C Bare it all, 903C Just Peachy

(refer to the top three swatches)
901B Think Pink, 902C Bare it all, 903C Just Peachy

(refer to the top three swatches)
901B Think Pink, 902C Bare it all, 903C Just Peachy

Think Pink-901B
a matte, light bubblegum pink
Think pink is a gorgeous color. If you're a big fan of lighter pinks then this is the color for you! it leans towards being more cool toned but is still wearable. I always thought i wouldnt be able to pull off a lighter pink but this one is actually quite nice :)

Bare it All-902C
a warm nude with brown undertones
If you're looking for a nude that is not "concealer" colored, then this may be what you're looking for. It has deep brown undertones which makes it a darker tone. Although i dont know too much about MAC lippies, i think this is more in the range of Velvet teddy... If you have pale skin, then maybe this isnt your best choice because it will look slightly brown. However, for medium toned and darker toned girls, this makes a very nice (and CHEAP!) choice :)

Just Peachy-903C
a warm peach color with brown undertones
This lippie is kind of in the middle of the other two.. sort of like a nudeish peach shade. If you're looking for a nude color but dont feel ready to take on a full nude shade, then this would be a nice choice. Its got slight brown undertones which makes it look quite natural when applied, but it also has a peachy color so it does look like you're wearing something.

Overall Verdict:
These lippies are all MATTE, and very well pigmented. I think that for the price paid ($2.99 - 3.99 CAD) they are very well worth it! However, i do have to say that these tend to be more drying then other lippies that i have tried, so you might want to keep that in mind. Another thing that bugs me, is that the packaging only tells you the number and not the shade name. for example, think pink would only have "901B" on it, therefore making it difficult to remember which one you want to purchase.

 I highly recommend applying a lip balm prior to these lippies. This will help prevent the lipstick from sinking into lines. After applying, i also suggest that you use your finger and gently tap around your lips to blend in the color more. I find that after doing so, the color doesnt look as harsh since these do have very high pigmentation. If you have really dry lips and dont want to deal with applying too much lip balm under & over your lipstick, then you might want to skip these lippies.

Out of these three, my favourite favourite has to be Think Pink. Such a gorgeous color! Have you tried out these before? what do you think? :)
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