Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Purchases of The Day: H&M Dresses + Accessories

Todays post will be some "purchases of the day" that i actually made awhile ago but kept forgetting to post on. (opps!)  

Firstly.. i think i've finally found my dress for my bf's cousins' wedding :) its this gorgeous lacey cocktail dress with a bow in the middle that i bought from H&M. I love it !! :D

I also picked up this simple dress with poofy sleeves. It was on sale for $7 CAD!! Although it is quite simple, i am really liking this as well. it makes my legs seem longer and the poofy sleeves also add some detail to the simpleness :) plus, i lovee the color! natural but looks great on! :D i think i'll go back and get another but in a nude color :) hehe

I also picked up two rings. One (the turquoise one) from Aldo Accessories and the other (the bow) from Forever 21. I love both equally! The turquoise one makes a perfect addition for summer as it goes amazingly well with coral colors. The ring one pretty much goes with anything and is super kawaii! i loveeeeeeeeee it :)

What do you think? Have any of you found any new great additions to your closet? I'd love to hear about them! :D
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