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Annabelle Pigments - Karma & Azure + Giveaway comment

Annabelle cosmetics is a canadian makeup brand which is know for their beautiful colourful pigments. For some odd reason, i never really tried them out until today! They have two different pigments, a Studio Pigment and a Mineral Pigment Dust, both of which retails from $8.50-9.99 CAD depending where you purchase it. I bought one in each type just to test it out and see which one is better :) So i ended up going home with a studio pigment in karma, and a mineral pigment dust in azure.

Karma on the left and Azure on the right. Dont be fooled, although karma looks bigger, azure actually holds more pigment! Karma has 0.04 oz while azure has 0.08!

When you open them up, they're both similar in that they have a hole in the middle. Although it is a good idea to help keep the pigments in place and therefore making it less easy to spill, i think its kind of hard to reach in with your brush.. so i looked for a way to open them up...

and found that azure's cap could be twisted off! However, im not quite sure how to open up karma :( but oh well.. on to the colours! Karma is a gorgeous purple with shimmers that has a slight grey undertone. It is not as vibrant as a deep purple, but it is more of a toned down shade. because of that, i think it is a more wearable colour and would look great in a smoky eye. Azure is amaznig. I love this colour! I've always kind of strayed away from bright blues and greens in the past, but now i am kicking myself for not trying it earlier! Azure is a beautiful vibrant blue with tons of shimmer. Even just a little bit of the pigment can give you huge results! I'll let the pictures do the talking now ;)

Arent the colours gorgeous?? Not sure if you can tell, but although they both have shimmer, azure definately packs in a lot more shimmer than karma.

Swatch with no flash.. can you tell the difference now?

What they say: Studio Pigment
Join the Colour Cult and create a bright, unique makeup look with Annabelle Studio Pigments.
Recommended by the Makeup Artists in the Annabelle Studio, these professional performance loose pigments are highly concentrated with a superior colour pay-off. Their incredibly fine texture enables colours to blend quickly. Visit their website to see the colour selection!

What they say: Mineral Pigment Dust
Let there be light! These highly pigmented loose eye shadows are made with fine pearl particules and minerals to create incredible shine and shimmer.
Use just a little for a more subtle effect or apply wet in a bold stroke for incredible luminescence. Available in convenient and fuss-free compacts, they contain the most beautiful shades. Be as mild or as wild as you wish! Visit their website to see the colour selection!

My take:
Personally, i love both of these colours! However, there are some noticeable differences in the packaging and pigmentation. The studio pigment has a nicer overall packaging. it feels more like "glass" rather than plastic. However, the studio pigment (although it LOOKS bigger) infact has less product than the mineral dust and therefore, is not as good of a deal. Also, i found that the mineral dust was much more pigmented and more vibrant. This could be just the colour that i chose, but i found that it showed up much better on my lids even with fewer amount of product. (please note that i tested these without a base, however, with the use of one, i am sure both of these colours would be similar in pigmentation) I also like the fact that the mineral dust's lid can be taken off so that it is much easier to use the product itself.

Overall: A+
I LOVE the mineral pigment dust in azure and will definately head back to zellers to check out their other colours as soon as i can! I must say. i am very satisfied with my annabelle purchases and highly recommend these pigments as they are much cheaper than MAC pigments ($20) but are very pigmented, finely miled and high quality.

Unfortuantely, Annabelle is a canadian brand and is only availabe in canada at the momment. BUT, the good news is... i have decided to hold a giveaway very soon! So please, if you are interested in any of Annabelle's pigments (or any of their other items) please let me know in the comments which products and what colours you guys prefer. Since i already have a couple of other things in mind to add to my giveaway, please dont take this to mean that i will be including a whole bunch of Annabelle products.. there will be other goodies! I will probably pick up one or two annabelle products to include in the giveaway and am just wondering if you guys have a preference since i know some of you are not from canada!

Anyways, I am still playing around with these colours, but i think i'll try to post up an EOTD tomorrow featuring these two pigments :) Enjoy the swatches for now and dont forget to comment!

UPDATE: i have decided that the giveaway will most likely start on the 15th of June, so if you do have a preference, please comment prior to then so i can purchase and add onto the other prizes!

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