Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Holy Grail Wednesdays - TheBalm's Time Balm Concealer

Because of hereditary reasons  and the fact that i often have to stay up cramming school work, i have unfortuantely, very large dark circles :( Without the use of concealer or foundation, i would look like a zombie! However, in my quest to find my holy grail concealer, i think i have finally found one that works beautifully.. time balm concealer by thebalm!

Concealer in light/medium

Prior to purchasing this product online on sephora (this wasnt available in stores in calgary back then for some reason!) i serached up many reviews and tried to look for swatches. However, i could never ever find swatches that showed me the colour comparisons.. and therefore, based on reviews and computer generated swatches of the colours, i purchased mid-medium. Obviously, this colour was way too dark for me! But i kept it for those times when i get slightly tanned so that i can mix my concealers to get that perfect colour :) It took me a long time to finally find a store which sold light/medium, but this is the one that is slightly lighter than my skin tone so it works perfectly for both under eye circles and hiding those pimples :) Here are the comparisons and of course, the swatches!

Concealer in mid-medium on left and light/medium on right

Mid-medium on left, and light/medium on right - swatches with flash

Mid-medium on left, and light/medium on right - swatches with no flash

What they say:
This is the picture they post on their website. As you can see, you cant really tell what the colours look like. :( Click here for their website.

My take:
This concealer is super smooth and creamy. I find that the texture is more thick then liquid concealers so it allows for better coverage. This also works great for covering pimples and covering any redness and discolouration. and the best part? it doesnt crease!!! I find that with good application, it can last me all day without the slightest crease showing. In the past, i have found various concealers that have given me good concealing, but they have always started to crease as the day passed.. but this one doesnt! In my honest opinion, this one does very well for under eye circles and pimples or any discolouration you may have. definately holy grail material!

There are several different ways i have tried out when using this concealer. overall, i think this concealer performs quite well no matter which application method you use, but some may be better for certain reasons:

1. with a concealer brush - i normally use a concealer brush for other concealers because of its precise application, but i find that its not as good for blending. Although it does a good job in reaching corners etc, it may take a bit more work with applying and blending before achieving the desired application you want.

2. with a foundation brush - a foundation brush (preferably angled) allows for a much larger application. normally, i apply concealer under my eyes in a triagular shape with the side of my nose and the side under my eyes as guiding lines. (refer to picture below) By using a foundation brush, i can easily apply concealer to this area and blend well.

3. with my fingers! - using your fingers may seem not as professional, but it works the best for quick application and easily blending. the warmth of your fingers help work the concealer into your skin so it blends perfectly. Just make sure you wash your hands well before applying!

And this is what it looks like when applied on me:

Left: before concealer
Right: After concealer (can you kind of see the triangle reflecting the light?)

Have you guys tried out this concealer before? OR do you have other holy grail concealers? Let me know because although i am in love with this, i always want to try other products that work!



Unknown said... [Reply to comment]

Nice post.Really helpfull.I want to buy the concealer but i am not sure which colour to pick up.Do you think light-medium is good?My skin is pretty white with pink undertones so i was thinking of light colour.Do you believe it will be too white?

Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

I've been considering buying this concealer due to the good reviews that I've seen, and your post has convinced me that it's the right product for me! Thanks!

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