Tuesday, June 8, 2010

New Love ♥ Green Nail Polish + Chanel Jade dupe?

Ever since seeing pictures of Chanel Jade, I have absolutely fallen in love with green nail polish! Shortly after that, my friend told me that she saw a beautiful revlon green nail polish but didnt buy it because she wasnt sure how it would look. And... of course, next time we went back to look for it, it was GONE! out of stock at first, and then soon after, felt like it was gone forever after the release of the collection. However, as i was shopping for the annabelle pigments a few days ago, i spotted a familiar looking green nail polish on a display stand! I quickly called up my friend to confirm it was the same one, and it was! I purchased the last two and am now proudly supporting beautiful pastel green nails :) super love them!! For reference, this is Revlon's nail polish in Minted ($4.99 CAD)

with flash

without flash, sorry its a bit messy.. did it in a hurry :P

Overall, i super super love this colour! but... the nail polish itself and the formula i was not too happy about. It applies a bit streaky and needs a couple of coats before looking completed. I am too used to the wide brushes now and the normal brushes just dont satisfy my needs. But... i have decided to turn away from all of these cons because i really like this colour :P haha, i can fix streakiness with a top coat, brushes with more swipes, and chipping with fixes in between wear. I guess when you really love something, you do whatever you can to make it work! :P

Now of course, you're probably wondering.. this isnt anything like Chanel Jade! Its wayy to light and pastel-y.. and of course, i totally agree with you! The dupe i found is actually Sephora's Read My Palm nail polish. It is a beautiful colour ($12 CAD), and really is very simliar to Jade minus the slight shimmer! I really cannot justify spending over $12 for a nail polish.. for me, $12 is already alot! I would normally stick to buying from drugstores etc but i was scared that this colour would go out of stock so i had to splurge a bit and purchase it. :) Here's what it looks like compared to Revlon's Minted. I didnt have time to test it out yet (surprisingly enough it is still unopened!) but this is just to give you guys a feel of what it looks like. Once Minted starts wearing off on me, i will swatch this one and put up pictures :)

It looks kind of blueish, but i did a quick swatch at Sephora and loved it! Compared to Minted, it is a lot darker but it really reminds me of looking at a piece of Jade, hence my feeling it is a dupe for Chanel's jade :)

To be honest, i never really experimented with more bright and different colours for nail polish until recently. I always stuck with the basics and everything was good.. until now! i am seriously lovingg all these different colours! I never thought i could pull it off, but once you try it, you kind of get addicted :D Now my nail polish collection is filled with blues, greens, purples etc etc and i also ordered a bright coral colour with my cherry culture haul so im super excited to try it out! So what do you guys think of the green nail polish? Are you feeling it or passing?


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