Monday, June 21, 2010

My Cherry Culture Haul !!

OMG i came home tonight and guess what was on my table?!?! My cherry culture order! :D I was soo super excited for this to come! Definately the biggest cheerer-upper for me this week since I am FINALLY on my last week of spring lectures.. anddd.. i have two final exams coming up very soon, so i'm in "study-mode" :( Not being able to go shopping (not even window shopping!) is making me very sad so this definately made my day :) On to what i ordered!

My Cherry Culture Haul,
mainly NYX products (since we dont have that in Calgary) and two nail products

The box i came home to (yay!) and the products safely wrapped up!

Left to Right:
NYX Round lipsticks in Thalia, Tea Rose, Fig, Watermelon, Ceto

Left to Right
NYX Rouge Cream Blush in Boho Chic and Glow

Left to Right
NYX Mosaic Powder in Highlight and Dare

NYX Long Pencil Lip in Natural

L.A. Colors Art Deco in White & Color Craze in Magnetic
(for some reason the camera couldnt capture magnetic properly, its actually a bright coral pink! will post better pictures and swatches later!)

I will swatch these soon so dont worry! Of course, if theres a specific product shown above that you would like me to swatch earlier, let me know in the comments! Did you girls pick up anything from Cherry Culture during their memorial day sale? If you did, let me know what you got! If not, they do have a sale going on right now: 25% off all L.A. Colors items! Use code LAC25, lasts until the 25th :) Happy hauling and let me know what you get!

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