Saturday, June 19, 2010

Possible Chanel Jade Dupe? Find out!

Remember a while back i posted about my new love for green nail polishes in which i reviewed revlon's nail polish in Minted and then thought i found a chanel jade dupe? Well, i finally had time to try out Sephora OPI's Read my Palm! Here's what it looks like....

Swatch with flash - two layers

Swatch without flash
(sorry for the sloppyness... i applied this super fast and ran out of the house for school!)

 And compared to Chanel's Jade... picture taken by Karen from makeupandbeautyblog
What do you think?

Final verdict: I really wished it was.. but i cant say its an exact dupe :(

Why? Read my Palm is noticeably darker... and has more blueish undertones than Chanel's jade. Also, (i know you probably cant see from this picture) but Chanel's jade does have a slight shimmer.. while Read my Palm does not. However, i would have to say that this is pretty close.

If you're not a picky polisher, this could be your dupe! I just wouldnt give it a 100%. what do you think? is anyone else out there catching onto this green nail polish hype? i love it! it's so oddly different... that it looks so good! hahaha, let me know if you guys ever find a better dupe! until then.. the search will continue :)


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