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My Beauty Diary Masks ♥

I have been collecting and using these for some time now but i totally forgot to review them until recently because my mom bought me a brand new set of them :D In the past, i use these about once or twice a week and it has definately helped keep my face moisturized and give more of a glowy effect. However, because of the intense workload at school this past semester, i have forgotten about these and really regret that now. :( BUT i have decided to use these again and of course, share my review with all of you :) here is the package that my mom bought me:

I will post new reviews on the new beauty diary masks once i have tested them out. In the past, i have been rotating between Red Wine, Aloe Vera, Apple Polyphenol and Natto. I love love love these because they make my face super soft afterwards! :) I'll first show you how they look like. I find that for me, these masks are slightly bigger than what i need, but i kind of like it because it allows for full coverage :) There are slits on the mask so you can adjust to your face shape accordingly. here are some pictures!

as you can see, there are several slits on the side :)

Its slightly big for me, but it works great for covering everything!

How I like to use this:
I like to use these masks mainly during night time after i finish taking off my makeup and cleansing my face. Now, after washing your face, dont put on any moisturizer just yet! (if you use a toner, go ahead and use it) First, take out the mask from the packet. it'll be folded up so when you unfold it, make sure you KEEP the side that is cloth-like material. it is attached onto a slippery sheet which you dont need and can throw away. I then like to start putting it on by first making sure the eye holes are in the right place. once that fits, i slowly smooth down the top and sides. I like how these masks have slits because you can really adjust them to fit your face shape. I take one side of the slit and smooth it down onto my face and then taking the other side, i like to overlap it ontop so it kind of tightens the mask and helps it stay better. I think the recommended time is around 20-30 minutes, or when you feel like it is starting to dry up. Once you reach that point, peel back the mask and with your hands, massage in the remaining serum for a few minutes. After that, you can continue your normal routine and put on your moisturizer/creams :) Your face should feel super soft and smooth!
Now let me describe each one in detail:

Red Wine:
Main Ingredients:
1. polyphenol - anti oxidant, maintains skin's firmess and resilience
2. anthocyanin, tannins - astringent agents

Appeals and Characterisitics:
anti-oxidant, clears up free radicals, toning, promotes micro metabolism, for use on normal skin, especially recommended for sagged and dull ones

My take:
I tend to use this mask when my face is feeling kind of dull and out of life, when it loses that glowy feeling that i like :) This mask helps put that bit of life back into your face almost kind of like what happens when you drink red wine, you get kind of blushed (or in my case, i turn into a tomato :( ) Of course, the results are not as crazy as drinking, but i find that it does help me look more awake and healthy and it also helps tone and slightly tighten my face. Only thing is, if i use this mask too often, my skin feels too tight.. and therefore, i think its best to rotate :)

Aloe Vera:
main ingredients:
1. aloe - provides skin with adequate moisture content
2. rose - improves dry and rough skin texture
3. amino acid - nourishes and moisturizes skin
4. hyaluronic acid - highly effective in moisture retention

appeals and characteristics:
moisturizes, repairs, revitalizes and nourishes skin, for use on normal skin, especially recommended for dry and damaged skin

my take:
I tend to use this mask when my face is feeling dry or rough. This mask seriously results in the smoothest skin i've ever felt! Although i have combination skin, this mask does not make me more oily at all. it just provides a whole bunch of moisture and i love how it is mainly aloe because aloe is known to help repair old scars!! love this :D

My box of apply polyphenol mask & the mask itself

Apply Polyphenol Mask:
main ingredients:
1. roselle acid - removes dead cells of skin, improves and prevents enlarged pores
2. hyaluronic acid - stimulates synthesis of collagen, improves skin's firmness
3. gentle nano - AHAs prolong pore-contracting effects

appeals and characterisitics:
moisturizing, smoothing, firming, for use on normal skin, especially recommended for skin with enlarged pores

my take:
this one smells like fresh apple juiceeee! yummy :) it is also quite moisturizing and helps make my skin super smooth and soft afterwards (althought not as good as the aloe vera one). I notice some reducing in pores, but since my pores are not very large to begin with, i cannot fully say that the effects are not good. Just probably not as noticeable on me. :)

main ingredients:
1. isoflavones - postpones aging, restores skin's firmness and resilience
2. natto extract - stimulates and activates cell for hydration
3. extract of seaweed from deep ocean - offers skin adequate moisture content

appeals and characteristics:
highly effective in moisture retention, offers nourishment and radiance to skin for use on normal skin, especially recommended for dull skin lacking elasticity and moisture

my take:
this is my all time favourite mask (from the ones i've tried)! Its kind of like aloe vera and red wine combined into one. it makes my face super soft after using it, but it also kind of gets rid of that dull looking skin if you know what i mean. It may not be as dramatically "radiant" as they say, but its more of an inner glow and kind of dewyness :) which i love love love! Unfortuantely, i couldnt find the Natto masks sold in the 10-piece boxes (as picture above) for sooo long, so i was slowly running low on these. Good thing 10  more came in the set my mom bought! :D

Now i know that there are TONS of other my beauty diary masks out there, but these are the only ones i have really tried and therefore can only review on. I will make a new post after i test out my new masks and let you know how they are :) However, i also really want to test out the masks in Strawberry Yogurt, Yogurt, the Black pearl and the Pearl powder. I hope to get some of these when my relatives from hong kong come visit :) but until then, i will continue to rotate these :)

Just a heads up, when purchasing these masks, please make sure to use only ones which you can find bumpy printing on the bottom right corner. Masks without this mark are most likely fake and although i dont know what the effects are (if any), i'm sure we all want to avoid using fake stuff on our face! Heres what it looks like. (sorry if its kind of hard to tell, my camera didnt want to focus!)

For those of you living in Canda, you can purchase these masks at your local TnT supermarket :) and for those of you who cannot find it in stores, you can purchase it off! Sasa is a retail store that sells skincare, makeup, beauty products, fragrances and many others! They carry mainly asian brands but also have international brands as well. Seriously, this is one of the biggest reasons as to why i miss hong kong so much! I cant wait till the next time i go back so i can stock up on tons of beautiful products! Have you guys tried these? or want to try them? Let me know what you think!


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