Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Pinkbox Makeup Officially on Twitter!

I've noticed alot of my fellow beauty blogger have been adding a twitter account lately and i thought the idea was super cool! I used to have a twitter account as well, but well.. i never really used it much. But the idea of having it for my blog seemed very interesting as i can update you all with any SALES, COUPONS and DEALS that i come across! So if you have a twitter account, click and follow me! If you're a fellow beauty blogger, let me know your twitter account and i will follow you as well! :D

And just an update on my giveaway! Currently there are 53 unique bloggers who have entered giving a total of 130 entries! (yes, im a nerdy business student who updates and spreadsheets all entries :p) Thank you so much to everyone who has entered! You're probably just in it for the goods, but i really appreciate all of you who are genuinely following me for my posts. I will do my best to provide better material and i really  hope that you will all enjoy my future posts! If you havent entered already, click and enter now!

As you may already know, i've been having some problems with Intense Debate on my blog so there may be instances when you get re-directed to my old commenting system. Dont worry, i still receive all your lovely comments! For those who already entered in my giveaway through intense debates, i already recorded all your entries so there is no need to re-enter or worry! Please bear with me as I try to fix this problem. I promise it will be fixed soon!

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