Friday, June 25, 2010

Simple DIY Lipstick & Gloss Holder

I have to admit.. im weird lol. i LOVE to be organized and make simple diy projects, BUT im also a tad on the lazy side and dont feel like putting in too much effort. Anyone else like me? well heres a quick and simple DIY project to organize your lipsticks and lipglosses. granted, you guys probably already have better organizers then this, but for those who have a couple empty boxes laying around (i admit, i keep all most of my boxes/packaging ><), give this a try :)

-note- i realized i missed taking pictures on some of the steps... so i re-did it with a different cream box. apart from the two different boxes, everything else should be fine :)

One empty box (try to find one with similar lengths and widths)
        I used two boxes, one held an eye cream and one, a face cream
One pair of scissors
Some tape
Some wrapping paper or scrapbook paper (optional)
Your lipglosses/sticks to organize
10-15 minutes of your time

Step 1: Cut top flaps off
Open the lid of the box. You should have something similar to the picture shown. Taking a pair of scissors, cut all of these flaps off along the dotted lines.

Step 2: Cut slits in each of the flaps
Proceed to cut the biggest flap in half. (refer to yellow line in picture above). Then, cut slits into each of the four pieces. Make sure the slits are only 3/4 up and try to keep them as similar as possible. (Tip: Eyeball out the slits for one side of the flap first, then put both flaps together and cut to make sure they are the same distance apart.) If you really want to, you can use a ruler and measure, but im just going to keep it simple since im lazy :)

Step 3: Put flaps together by interlinking the slits
Taking one of the longer flaps, interlink it with a shorter flap. Do the same for all four until you end up with something similar to this. Its okay if its messy, The idea behind this is to have something to hold your lipstick/glosses up straight so that even if you take one out, the others will not fall over. Of course, if you want to make this look better, you can take your time measuring and adjust this until it is straight.

Step 4: Place frame into box
As simple as that, just put it in!

If you choose to stop at this point... this is what your finished product should look like:

However, you can choose to continue and decorate your holder! i am choosing to take some leftover wrapping paper to decorate. You could use anything you want really! Stickers, glitter glues, Jewels, ribbon, etc etc be creative!

Step 5: Make tape loops and place one of each side of the box

Step 6: Wrap it up!
Taking any coloured paper, scrapbook paper, wrapping paper.. whatever you want!, trace and cut out the length of the box. (Tip: Cut out an extra inch or two so you can use it as a starting point and hide it underneath) Secure with tape!

Once again, If you choose to stop at this point... this is what your finished product should look like:

However, Im going to continue. Since the inside of my wrapping paper is a bright pink, i'm going to use my leftovers to add a rim onto my holder.

Step 7: Rim your holder
Cut long strips of your paper and wrap it around your holder. I chose to bend my strips in half so that i had half inside the box and half outside. Secure all sides with tape.

Final step: add your lipsticks/glosses and enjoy!

i have yet to fully organize my lipsticks/glosses.. hence the empty container :) but, we're
Finally Finished!

I hope you guys enjoyed this. I know its kind of messy and not very well put together, but it was super simple to make and took me about 10-15 minutes. Plus, i have a bad habit of keeping my old boxes so this was a good way to make use of them :D You can of course experiement with different kinds of boxes, although i think the square ones are the easiest. If you do plan on using a different size, you may need extra construction paper to make your own frame :) Just measure and cut slits. If any of you have tried this in the past or are thinking of doing so, let me know! i would love to see your holders and what you came up with :)
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