Thursday, June 24, 2010

MAC MSF Drugstore Dupe?

Okay girls, i have to admit... other than a liquid foundation, a studio fix powder & a 190 brush (all bought for me by my wonderful mom years ago).. im a MAC Virgin. there i said it.. anyone else care to join me?

I have only started REALLY getting into all this makeup obsession recently, but i think i'm catching on fairly quickly! Unfortuanetly.. i've never really stepped on the MAC bandwagon. Call me loser, noob, weirdo or whatever... i just never liked how i had to stay caught up in all the newest collections just so that i can purchase the products i want. If im just a bit slower than the rest of the makeup addicts, i miss out on my product which will then become LE and who knows when and how much i need to spend to buy it again.

Of course, being now in my fourth year at university (with a STUPID STUPID STUPID increase in tuition costs next year), and with only a part time job.. im pretty tight on money :( So.. ive learned to make my way through with drugstore products, sometimes allowing myself to splurge just a little bit more!

Anyways.. im sure you guys already caught news of MAC's newest collection: In the Groove? Well... they are re-promoting some of their gorgeous MSF.. one look at Stereo Rose and Petticoat and i was DONE. I wanted to go out and buy it right away!! I was so sad later to find out that these would cost me $33.50 CAD EACH... for a blush and a highlighter. total coming to $67 not including tax... are you kidding me? luckily, i was at superstore one day grabbing some snacks and came upon this: Revlon's Colorstay Mineral Finishing Powder in Brighten

Swatched :)

Compared to MAC MSF in Petticoat...
(picture taken from

Seriously, its pretty close right? (although this swatches with less pink tones) I was super happy to find this! The price however, is a bit steep for a drugstore brand (this costing me $13.99 CAD for 0.31 Oz / 8.79 g), but compared to the MAC price of $33.50? Im happy :) Also, i know many of you mightve heard of NYC's Chrome Face Glows... they were supposed to a MAC MSF dupe as well but i didnt know until now and of course, they're all gone :(...

Anyways, i am currently using it as a highlight color on the upper areas of my cheek. This product applies fairly subtle though, so what i do is take my kabuki brush (ecotools) and swirl it a couple of times in the pan until it picks up a fair amount of product. then, i sweep it over my cheeks and slightly along the bridge of my nose. I have also thought about using this as an overall face powder.. but with all that shimmer, i'm a bit scared to try :( will update you guys if i do try it out and we'll see how that goes :)

UPDATE: thank you to winnie (eleventh0fapril) who has nicely told me that this seems to be closer to Porcelain pink! Sorry for any confusion, i seriously dont know much about the mac msfs, but this is a swatch i found from google images, i will link the picture back to the owner's site.

Final Verdict: Hello Revlon, Goodbye MAC

I think I have satisfied my craving for MSF. This gives me the perfect highlight and blends beautifully. Of course, i cant compare to the MAC product since i have never tried it, (im assuming MAC will be more pigmented, more finely milled etc) but oh w/e,dont pop my bubble! im loving this :) especially looking at it.. hahaha so pretty!

Only bad thing? Limited colours :( Revlon only has this out in 3 shades: Brighten, Suntan Matte and Sunkiss. i really really wished they had a pink toned one, but they dont.. So maybe i will break away from my MAC virginity and purchase Stereo Rose when it comes out in July :D !! What do you girls think? I know some of you own some MSFs! ;)

Latest update - So i totally broke down and purchased both Petticoat and Stereo Rose.. will need to update with swatches of these compared to Revlon's but i totally am in love with MAC MSFs! Petticoat and Stereo Rose both make absolutely gorgeous blushes while Revlon's make a good highlighter :) However, i do have to admit that MAC is definately much more pigmented :) See swatches of both  MAC MSF here!
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