Sunday, August 8, 2010

My Handy ELF Custom Compact

First up on the LONG list of ELF reviews & swatches is my custom compact :) I decided to fill it with 3 eyeshadows and 1 blush. Im not a huge fan of the lip in a pot so i skipped those, and i already have a few bronzers i normally stick to so i skipped those as well. As for eyeshadows and blushess... well, i seriously cant get enough of them :) hehe especially blushes! love them to bits ♥ hehe

My custom ELF compact
Eyeshadows include: Pink ice, Golden glow, Moondust
The blush is Glow

Packaged separately with magnetic pans :)

when closed

Left to Right
Pink ice, Glow (blush), Golden Glow, Moondust

Left to Right
Pink ice, Glow (blush), Golden Glow, Moondust

I picked these colors because i mainly wanted this compact to be used for when i am either staying at my bf's place or using it for sudden touchups. (do you guys ever get those days when you're completely dressed down with no makeup not expecting to go anywhere and then something comes up and you neeed to get ready quick? well this will be my go-to-palette, especially if i am stuck at work and have no access to my stuff at home!)

Color Choices -
I chose pink ice for a highlighter and moondust for a shimmery brown. I added in golden glow because golds are pretty, matches with browns and can turn a neutral look into one thats more dramatic. I also picked out a blush in Glow because its a gorgeous corally pink! Plus when i want to add a pop of color, i can also use this pink corally shade in the middle of my lids :D Although its a blush, i found that it works just as good on the eyelids :) Love the versatility !

Overall Verdict:
A - I am really liking the idea of ELF's custom compacts considering they are $1 for the pans of eyeshadow, blush, bronzer, lippie AND $1 for the compact as well! Really good deal as the compact itself comes with a mirror, an applicator and i heard they can hold MAC refills perfectly too! (really need to get me some to try hahaha)

The eyeshadows are pigmented and soft but they do all have shimmer. Although i do have to say that the wear time is not as long as i'd like. I found that the color starts to fade slightly during the day.The blushes are gorgeous as well and also pigmented. I would have to say the only hold back on this is that there is limited choices as to colors! I really wish ELF would make more colors as this is a great product and i would definately like more variety :)

Extra tip - If you take out the dividers on the compact, i heard you can fit in 5 or more pans! Something i have yet to test out but sounds good to me! if only ELF made larger sized palettes so i have a good cheap alternative as to buying empty magnetic palettes :)

Have you made your own custom compact before? Let me know which products you picked!

P.S. I picked up ONE extra empty compact  as i am starting to slowly build up prizes for my next giveaway! I am hoping to start it once i reach 200 or 250 followers so please help me reach my goal as i am super excited to start another giveaway! I think i'm going to make this giveaway a little more fun and "interrelated"... meaning i will probably give out extra entries for answering questions and participating etc. Im still working on the details, but the giveaway will begin shorlty after i hit my goal :) Be on the watch for more hints about prizes or giveaway details in future posts :D

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