Saturday, August 21, 2010

ELF Beauty Encyclopedia - Sparkle Edition

Winners... one of my favourite stores ever! haha why? they always stock up on random beauty and makeup products from various brands and they usually sell them for much cheaper than other stores! Of course, they also stock brands such as ELF for a slightly higher price because noramlly, i can only purchase ELF products through their online website.. and paying a bit more allows me to get the product right away w/o any shipping fees.

UPDATE! - ELF's now available at Zellers! And i hear the pricings quite similar to that of the website! (read cheap) Woohoo!!

Anyways, i stopped by recently and picked up ELF's beauty encyclopedia - sparkle eye edition.

Quick peek inside - 12 shadows and 2 cream shadows
missing from pic - 1 eye liner and 1 eye shadow brush

front cover

inside cover - instructions & how-to

Im going to be swatching and reviewing this pretty soon but just wanted to get this up here so you guys can take a peek first :) I hope these eyeshadows turn out as good as they look! Have you tried this before? Let me know how it went!
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