Thursday, August 26, 2010

Glitter NOTD & Tutorial

After receiving my VivaLaNails sample pack (read review here), i was really wanting to give my nails a new look, so i found some glitter that i had previously purchased from the craft store and glittered up my nails!

heres the final look!

Step One - base coat
I chose to use a light pink as my base coat. This one is "Shimmer Pink" from Nailene's french manicure set. You can choose to use any color you want! Just make sure that it is completely dry before moving onto the next step! (SOOOO important!)

Step Two - Apply top coat
Taking any top coat, apply it to just your tips! For example, on my finger, i applied it to just the whiter area. Of course, you can always choose to apply the top coat in other areas. The glitter will only stick to this area (if you let your base coat dry completely) so you can experiment and play around to see what look you like best!

Step Three - Glitter time!!!
Taking your glitter....

dip your nail into it! please make sure you lay some paper underneath because this can get a bit messy! Another way you could do this, is by pinching some glitter and putting it onto your nail. Since my nails are kinda long.. i opted out that choice as the glitter would just get stuck under my nails.

heres what happens.. dont worry, thats not the finished look!

Step Four - Tap and Brush
Tap off the excess glitter. I like to tap on the lid so that any excess glitter can go easily back into the container. This step will most likely not be able to get all the glitter off, so take a brush or a sponge applicator and brush off the rest! Make sure you dont brush the tip as it is still wet and may wipe off.

Final Step - Top Coat
Heres what it should look like! there might be some excess glitter but you should be able to get most of it off. Important note - when doing your first top coat, just coat the tips of your nails first (where the glitter is) in order to prevent any glitter from transferring from the brush to the top of your nail. After that dries, wipe your brush and then do your full top coat on your whole nail.

and you're done!

Some extra tips !!

If you dont let your base coat dry completely or you put top coat on the whole nail right away... this might happen..

the glitter will stick to the base coat or transfer from the brush and you wont get a clean tip. Of course, this doesnt look all that bad! If you're going for a messy glitter look, you could actually give this a go!

my failed attempt with glitter.. but it actually looks not bad!

If you dont want that glitter fallout BUT am too lazy to redo the whole nail....
try dipping a q-tip into some nail polish remover and then gently wiping it over the excess glitter. Most glitter start off silver before being colored so if all goes well, you can actually turn your colored glitter back to silver! Of course, this doesnt get rid of the excess glitter, but it does make them much less noticeable! So for all of you who dont really want to redo your nails to get that perfect glitter tip, try this!

once you get really into nail art, trust me.. you cant stop! so i went on further and tried out my konad plate and stamp.. first time trying in a LONG while, so please bear with me :)
added some red stars :) - final completed notd

I also tested out the glitter with my previous notd... i know, green & pink dont really match.. but i realized i only have pink/red glitter and i didnt want to redo a base coat just to test out the glitter :)

Anyways, hope you enjoyed this post! Glitter is fun and glamorous but it can also be a bit messy! If you're bored and have time to experiement a bit, definately try glittering up your nails! Its pretty easy (and fun) once you get the hang of it and it makes your nails look so pretty and shiny! :D Just make sure to put paper on your work area so clean up will be a breeze! Good luck!
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