Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Sedona Lace 88 Shimmer Palette - Swatches Part 2

I am so sorry this is so late! I have been having a busy summer since a lot of family are visiting. I will try to get up to date on my posts as soon as i can! But for now, heres part 2 of the swatches for my Sedona Lace 88 Shimmer palette! these are rows 4-6. (You can view part 1 here)

note - all swatches done with fingers & one swipe per swatch
Dont forget, you can always click on each picture to make them bigger :)

reference picture

full pic of swatches

Close up of 4th & 5th row - left side - flash

Close up of 4th & 5th row - right side - flash

Close up of 5th & 6th row - left side - flash

Close up of 5th & 6th row - right side - flash

Close up of 4th & 5th row - left side - no flash

Close up of 4th & 5th row - right side - no flash
Close up of 5th & 6th row - left side - no flash

Close up of 5th & 6th row - right side - no flash

Hope these swatches help! I am really impressed with this palette! although i've been using it ever since i got it, i dont think i ever got the whole picture until i swatched them just recently. now that i have all colors swatched and pictured, it'll help make it easier to figure out which colors would go well together :)

update on eyeshadows review -
i still stand by the fact that these shadows are absolutely gorgeous and that this palette is super worth it to get because there are so many different colors available! It is a great palette to have in your collection and i can definately see myself reaching for it alot! However, i would like to say that although 95% of the eyeshadows are buttery soft and very well pigmented, there are a few that do take a bit more swiping before you get the same color. As well, some of the lighter highlighter colors can seem a bit chalky.. but of course, after blending.. everything works out fine :) Overall, i would still highly recommend this palette! If you're not a huge fan of shimmery eyeshadows, i'd recommend you take a look at their 88 matte palette or even one of their 120 pro palettes! You can find all their products on their website :)

Final Note - Although i did win this palette from one of their giveaways, i would like to note that i entered just like everyone else and won through random picking. I did not receive this product with the obligation to write a review but i did so because i wanted to share my honest opinion about the product and company.
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