Friday, August 6, 2010

Purchases of the Day: H&M Skirts + Rings

Oh dear.. i think H&M has officially become my new favourite store to go to. Everytime i go in, i can always find amazing pieces that i just have to buy! So here are my newest purchases :)

Firstly, i found my perfect floral skirt! I absolutely LOVEE this skirt :) Its more of a classic take on the floral print since its black, white and grey. the skirt fits very well and looks great with a waist belt. (will post an Outfit of the day soon since i wore this out for my friend's birthday :D)

I also purchased a more colorful floral skirt which is perfect for summer. This skirt however, flares out which is really cute and fun :) Overall, i love both skirts (although i do like the black and white slightly one better :p) and i think they're two different skirts that are great for different occassions :)

Here are some more examples of floral skirts! arent they prettttyy? hehe btw, im testing out this new widget by Shopstyle! i think its pretty cool! you can create looks, search products etc so it'd be fun for showcasing some looks or products that i've been craving :)

Andd.. i couldnt help myself to some more rings from forever 21 :) tooo cuteee! ohh, and how cute are the double finger rings? i loveee them!

UPDATE - I got a few more recently so i thought i might as well add them in here too :)

What do you think? have you made any purchases recently that you are loving and want to share? let me know in the comments :D id love to know what you got!

Some other examples of double finger rings.. dont you just LOVE them?

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