Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Viva La Nails Product Samples !!

 I ordered a sample pack from VivaLaNails to review and omg, i am in love with all of these products! I never knew nail art could be so much fun until i started adding rhinestones and started drawing designs.. now i just cant seem to stop! Anyways, this sample pack is SOO generous and SOO amazing! I almost want to go and purchase more right away! haha okay okay, onto the review :)

note - you can click on all pictures to enlarge!

 full sample pack ♥

water decal and nail art stickers

rhinestones, dazzlings, flitter, glitter.. etc

Nail Art Stickers
Metallic, & flowers with rhinestones

Water Decals (kind of like a tattoo)
black, flowers, colored butterflies


clockwise starting from top left
Glitter, Rhinestone drops, small pearls, crushed shell

my favouriteeees! so prettty!
hollow and punched stars

nail art feather and flitter

and now for some pics of how they can be used and seriously, how gorgeous they make your nails look! All of these are just placed (not glued/stuck on yet) on my nail while i decide which one i wanted to do for the day :p oh and btw.. the nail color is Read my Palm from Sephora by OPI :)

using hollow stars

using drop rhinestones

using normal rhinestones

didnt know what to do with the feather at first, but if you can just imagine the end cut off.. this would look kind of cool! of course, this requires glue and cant be just sealed with top coat.

anddd.. in the end i went with the hollow stars :) i actually went a bit further and glittered up my nails after this too... but i'll save that for another post ;) btw... here's my new iphone 4!! and my pretty pink case! hehe i LOVEEE it <3

ohh.. and heres how i ended up organizing these little samples :)

by placing them in little sample jars :) - unfortuantely, i ran out of jars..

all organized in my container (that i got for $1!) along with some glitter that i'll show you in my glitter notd post :)

Anyways, to end this off.. im sure you're wondering:
how can i get these amazing samples?

well its easy! just click here to go to the product sample page to order one for yourself! (remember, you must own your own blog or website in order to qualify, and you must also be willing to write a review) You do have to pay for the shipping fee but seriously, its soooooo worth it! Im seriously considering purchasing some more items off this site as there are so many that catch my eye haha but i think it'll have to wait till after i come home from vacation!

Anyways, im sorry for this super long post! i really wanted you to get a good look at all the products because they really are amazing :) I will be posting more detailed reviews on each item as i try and use them in NOTD but for now, i hope you enjoyed this post!!
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