Sunday, August 29, 2010

NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils

- Vacation Note -

I am currently on vacation so the following post is an older post that i wrote up a while back. I have already scheduled a few posts to be automatically posted during the course of my vacation so dont worry, there will still be posts to read! I apologize in advance because i dont think i will be getting any internet connection and therefore will not be able to reply to comments and questions. However, please feel free to continue on commenting and emailing as i will for sure reply to all once i come home or if i ever get internet connection. thank you and enjoy!

P.S. - i am most likely going to start my next giveaway when i come back.. so bookmark Pinkbox Makeup and check back for updates of when it'll start and what you can do to win! :D Im still deciding if i should do one bigger giveaway prize or two smaller ones. let me know which one you think is better in the comments!

- and now.. onto the post! -

I finally picked up these NYX jumbo eye pencils to try out for myself and WOW! they truely deserve all the hype and raves they get from bloggers & youtubers! Of course, i have been searching for Milk for FOREVER. seems like Milk & i just arent meant to be. Everytime i order a haul online or go to rexall (which stocks NYX), Milk is always out of stock. ALWAYS. :( so i've given up for now and have been deciding if i should just get it off ebay even with pricer shipping costs :(... we will see

Anyways, back on track.. i bought 3 NYX jumbo eye pencils in the shades Slate, French Fries and Cottage Cheese. Here are the pictures & swatches of each :D

top to bottom:
slate, french fries, cottage cheese

left to right:
cottage cheese, french fries, slate

left to right:
cottage cheese, french fries, slate

These are unbelievably creamy!!!! the colors are so super pigmented and blend easily. Only thing is, they blend a bit TOO easily haha sometimes i blend too much and the color kind of disappears... but these are definately great to use as a base color! if you havent already, i'd highly recommend for you to test these out! As for myself, i need to go back to Rexall and see if theres any other colors i want! hehe and hopefully, *crossing fingers*, they have Milk!! :D

So let me know, what do you think about these? Which colors are your favourite? I would love to hear some opininos before heading back to the drugstore!
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