Thursday, August 19, 2010

Coach Poppy Project

Im sure you have all noticed the pretty poppies growing on the left side of my blog.. interested in knowing what exactly it is? Well, i recently joined the Coach Poppy Project and am really hoping that you will all join me too!

What is this project all about?
Well.. what happens is.. as a blogger, i add the coach poppy code onto my blog which will allow you all to see poppies growing on the side. As the poppies grow, the designs and patterns will change, and as the garden gets bigger and bigger, there will be more chances for you to find a secret coach bag or a secret coach gift card and win instantly! So if you ever see something like that in the picture below, be sure to click on it and claim your prize!

How do you make the poppies grow?
You can tweet using #CoachPoppy to make all patterns grow and tweet using #Pinkboxmakeup to make my poppies grow. Or even easier, just click on a black poppy on the side, and a box will automatically pop up with the tweet all ready for you to click "tweet". Be creative and test out keywords! For example, #pink might grow pink poppies, #heart might grow hearts! The more creative you get, the more unique my pattern will be! If tweeting's not your thing, you can also "like" the poppy project on facebook!

You can also click on the "follow the trail" button to browse through blogs who have also joined this project. I think its such a great way to join all us bloggers and an even better way for us to discover some really cool blogs!

How do i join?
Any blogger can join in the fun! just visit the website to get your poppy code :) Also, did i mention that the top site will win a special gift - a $2,500 Coach shopping spree?? So lets help each other out and tweet and make those poppies grow!

I am currently sitting at #165.. when i first started i was in the 300s so i've already moved up quite a bit! Help me move up even higher by retweeting and making my poppies grow! Not only are you helping me, but you are also helping yourself by increasing the possibility that you will find a secret bag or gift card! The more visits and tweets i get, means the bigger my poppy garden will be, which in the end, means more chances for you to find something special!

If you are also participating in this project, dont be afraid to let me know your blog and hashtag! I'd be more than happy to help you out and retweet yours to help your poppy garden grow :) The more poppies there are, the more chances for everyone to win! Good luck everyone!

Note - i will keep a short copy of the rules in my sidebar for now, so if you ever forget what to do, just take a look there!
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