Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Cracked Nails!

I finally got to try the cracked nail polish set that Michelle from Cosmetic Cupcake, sent me along with the other giveaway items! The concept is super cool and i've never seen anything like it! Have youu?

So pretty much, what you do is first apply the base color and let it dry. (im guessing you can use any nail polish brand and color of your choice as the "magic" works with the cracked finish polish) Next, you apply the cracked finish enamel polish and wait for it to dry. As it dries, the color will start to "crack" which results in cracked nails! Lastly of course, when you're satisfied with the cracks on your nail (more cracks appear as it dries) you apply the top coat. This is how mine turned out!

bare nail

base color

with cracked finish enamel on top

Closer up pic - sorry its messsy!

Huge thanks to Michelle for sending me this :) this was such a cool concept! unforutnately, i forgot to take full nail pictures so this will have to do for now! i soo wish my local drugstores carried more colors of the cracked finish enamel polish!! :D its so much fun to watch it crack! hehe have you tried something like this before?
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